There is nothing more exciting and more nerve wracking then a first date.  As a man there is a fine line in looking to underdressed for a date or getting so dressed up that you look like you're about to interview for a job at a fortune 500.  I'm gonna give you a few tips on what to wear, trust me you'll have enough opportunity to completely f@#k this up, let me take one less thing off your plate.  

1) Pull out your "go to" leather jacket.  It's casual, but it'll give you a shot of cool, like you aren't trying too hard.  You want to at least look like you aren't completely pooping yourself, gotta take the edge off where ever you can.

2) Wear a collared shirt but not a tie.  Collared shirt on a first date says "hey I wanted to look nice".  Tie on a first date says "my dad says this is the right thing to do".  These are the fine lines I was talking about in the intro, its very easy to blur them.

3) Avoid wearing a fancy dress shoe.  This is the time for you to bust out an old reliable pair of worn boots.  Let the ladies show their shoes off...at least on the first go around, don't think too far ahead, second date aint a sure thing.

4) Last but not least, DO NOT over do the cologne!  This wreaks, both literally and figuratively of someone who is not at all confident of what is about to happen.  Spare yourself and the rest of us within smelling distance the annoyance and be conservative with what ever scent you apply.


There you have it boys, the rest is up to you.  Try and say as little as possible and let your outfit do the talking.  Might be your only shot.