We've reached the most confusing time of the year for style.  Spring has arrived.  Like at any point in the year you want to dress appropriately for the season.  Spring provides its own special set of challenges (especially if you've been living in the northeast this year).  The weather is as confused with itself as Bruce Jenner is with himself.  Like I've preached on the blog, not about having a closet full of expensive threads, it's about having a few great "GO TO' pieces.  Here are a few items that will help you cross the bridge to the summer.


1) The Flight Jacket - It has made a huge comeback and is great way to give your outfit some weight and punch up a simple outfit.  They're available in a wide range of colors and are a relatively inexpensive option.

2) The Henley - Great alternative to a plain t-shirt.  It works well when you want to look casual but not sloppy, which should always be the goal.

3) The Chelsea Boot - You may have just noticed the chelsea boot on guys like Kanye West and Harry Styles, but they were first brought to prominence by The Beatles.  40 years later and they're still instant cool.  Get a pair in black and brown and pair em with some tapered jeans or even a great suit and you'll be good to go.

4) Khaki Suit - This is your suit for the spring!  It's time to start packing away the flannels and wools and get into something lighter and brighter.  Same rules still apply though, FIT IS KING!!!


Enjoy this short window of time, soon enough it will be time to do this again for the summer time.  Once again, you're welcome.