Ladies, keeping you together and put well goes hand in hand with style. I won’t call it grooming, more like up-keep. Hygiene and to be socially appealing help with confidence and self-appreciation.  We all have those days we get out of bed and have ZERO desire to get dressed or even put a brush in our hair, but STOP and remember – you must dress as if you were going to see your worst enemy. You must look great, even on your worst day. Here are a few things I find to be important to have or do before leaving your comfortable abode:

HAIR: Your hair has a mind of its own. On certain days it wants to cooperate and be FLAWLESS. Pull out the camera and all of a sudden it doesn’t move the way you tell it too! Embrace your hair; curly, wavy, straight, all of the above. You could do a simple clean look by putting your hair in a pony-tail. If a pony-tail is too simple or you happen to not like the way you look with a pony-tail, all out is never the wrong way to go. COMB IT! And for those hot/humid days a little hair serum or Moroccan oil never hurt. REMEMBER: style your hair that best compliments the texture of your hair. I for one blow dry my hair and do not have to keep much maintenance on it as it stays straight.

SCENT: Ladies! The way you smell can leave a man (even a woman) thinking about it all day. Deodorant is an obvious but a nice perfume (floral or fresh) is also appealing. Some of my current favorites are: Burberry the Beat!, Stella McCartney, Lolita Lempicka, Dolce & Gabanna the One, Chanel No.5, etc. I can keep going, LOL! I, sometimes, surprise myself with the way a perfume reacts to my natural oils, as each perfume mixed with your oils changes the scent. Again, this is all about you. Pick something YOU like. Be lovely.

MASCARA&LIPTSTICK: I am more of a natural look kind of gal. The boldest I go with make-up is lipstick. I have colors ranging from nude to pink to brown to black. It all depends on where I’m going. On nights I paint the town red, I wear red! Out with my sister and nephew, I do light colors. Its easy on the eyes, but not so plain (especially for a day event). Mascara, the wonders it does. I got from looking tired and almost sickly to FABOULOUS with mascara. For a dramatic look I use MULTIPLE mascaras. When I’m feeling lazy, I use one. (See, I get lazy too, but don’t drop the ball.) I tell you mascara and lipstick because it doesn’t take much effort and you still look done up. LESS IS MORE, blemishes can be unbearable and at that some foundation or cover up wouldn’t hurt. Keep it light – your still pretty blemishes and all.  

MANI&PEDI: Similar to the saying “you can judge what a man does by the way his hands look” … you can judge what a woman cares about and how she is kept by her nails and toes. It doesn’t have to be a professional manicure, but do your nails. Its feminine and keeps things sweet. It pulls everything together. BOLD, BRIGHT, LIGHT, do your nails the color YOU please to do. I believe each color has its own seasons to shine in. Nudes/pinks and bright colors belong in the Spring/Summer. Plum/Burnt orange and darker colors belong in the Fall/Winter. Whatever you may decide to do, to be manicured says a lot about you and the color you chose says a lot about your personality. OWN IT!

My Gentlewomen, I hope this helped. A lot of you may read this and think “who cares what people think or how I dress.  I want to be comfortable.” That’s fine too, you can stylishly comfortable but that’s another post ;)