It's that time again.  Time for me to rant about the injustices that are committed against mens fashion everyday.  As mens suits have evolved through time they gone from bulky outfits with padded shoulders to a more tailored and streamlined approach.  Apparently not everyone has gotten the memo.  This mistake is usually perpetrated by larger guys who are trying to hide their size by wearing bigger clothes or by rappers who are showing up for the sentencing hearing.  Either way this is NEVER acceptable, you never want to look like you're swimming in fabric.  My advice to you is whatever you think your suit size is try out a size smaller.  Any good tailor can make the necessary alterations a suit so that it can compliment the shape of your body.  A good slim cut suit will completely modernize your look and give off the right vibe.  Last but not least,   hem your pants!  This message has been brought to you by me, representing all the people who have to look at you.


There are many things that are plagueing our country right, terrorism, economic crisis, but chief amongst them is the faction of men that continue to wear the "going out shirt".  What is the "going out shirt" you ask?  These are plain or patterned button downs that usually have the collar all out of shape an fanned out that men find a need to tuck into a pair of dress slacks.  You can usually find these being worn by guys sitting at the bar drinking down vodka and cranberry...probably also wearing a Saint Anthony's medallion.  There are TOO many options to resort to this fellas, cardigans, leather jackets, blazers, crew neck sweaters and the list of infinitely better alternative go's on!  Seriously all you'd need is a panel van and a big ban of candy and I would have to call the cops on you.  Use your better judgement and before you break down and whip out one of these refer to the top 10 for mens list and you will not regret it.  You will regret looking like The Situation from The Jersey Shore about 6 years after everyone stopped caring about that show.  You're better than that guys.