The days of men looking at grooming as primarily a female trait are long gone.  Just like your clothing investing a little money and building some great grooming habbits will only help improve and maintain your  presentation.  The earlier you can get these routines into place the better because these things are going to be key as you start to get older, remember Clooney kept himself a stable of broads into his 60's because he still had a good mug on him...we are gonna ignore the being rich and famous past for this post.  I'm not telling you to run out and get a brazilian wax or buy a home tanning booth, these are a few small things that are gonna go a long way.


1) I'm gonna work of the assumption that you brush your teeth regularly so the tip here would be to ditch the manual toothbrush and get yourself in electric, more effective and with a ton of different models out now they are very affordable.

2) Wash your face! It could all be so simple.  Start it off with a good face scrub, I use No7 but there are a ton out there to experiment with.  Follow that up with a good face wash like the one from Dove Men Care and now you're on to something.

3) The sun can take a big toll on your face and if you don't protect it by the time your 30 your face is going to look like an old leather bag.  For this I recommend you get yourself a couple good face creams.  As part of your morning regimen pick up a face lotion with a good SPF factor and you'll be in great shape, and at night I go with Kiehl's facial fuel, it'e been around forever and will help you fight off unwanted wrinkles and crows feet.

4)  Make sure you take care of your body and use a hydrating lotion, it gets forgotten because you think your protected by layers of clothing....ya aint. 

5)  Last but not least pick up some lip balm for the love of god.  You do not want to be the guy in the office who people avoid conversation with due to your jacked up mouth.  Lip balm or chap stick should alway be near by, no excuses.


There you have it! Five easy tips that are going to keep you on top of your grooming game.  Remember fellas good grooming isn't just for yourself, it's a sign of respect to people around you.  Also just an FYI, women aren't overly fond of body odor. Thanks for playing.