Less is MORE


When I say less is more I mean with accessorizing. My personal opinion and others would quite frankly disagree… I just don’t see the point in overdoing make-up, wearing bulky necklaces, multiple rings, prints on prints, and big hoop earrings. I think I covered the gist of it.  My grandmother always told me, “less is more”, and I never understood what she meant, until I realized toning down how you accessorize could maximize your outfit as a whole. The extras are sometimes not needed and the bare beauty of you or just what you have on is all you need. I still have a jewelry organizer with hundred of different necklaces and earrings on it, and I use them when the occasion needs it, because believe me statement necklaces are great for a dinner party, wedding, and a date! But to me, it’s just not necessary. BE YOU and LOVE the skin you’re in! That’s all I am saying ladies.