Less is MORE


When I say less is more I mean with accessorizing. My personal opinion and others would quite frankly disagree… I just don’t see the point in overdoing make-up, wearing bulky necklaces, multiple rings, prints on prints, and big hoop earrings. I think I covered the gist of it.  My grandmother always told me, “less is more”, and I never understood what she meant, until I realized toning down how you accessorize could maximize your outfit as a whole. The extras are sometimes not needed and the bare beauty of you or just what you have on is all you need. I still have a jewelry organizer with hundred of different necklaces and earrings on it, and I use them when the occasion needs it, because believe me statement necklaces are great for a dinner party, wedding, and a date! But to me, it’s just not necessary. BE YOU and LOVE the skin you’re in! That’s all I am saying ladies.



Black shoes do NOT go with everything!

My BIGGEST fashion don’t – and I use the term fashion loosely – since I believe style is about you… there are just things that don’t go together and that’s black shoes with a solid color item of clothing. In my post on ten staple items to have, black pumps are indeed on the list BUT not with everything.  Why do think the shoe greats like Steve Madden, Aldo, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin created more than one color shoe?  Nude or floral printed pumps (in season or not) are just as staple. It “grinds my gears” when I see women with a yellow dress and black pumps when it would go NICER with a pair of nude pumps. I see this mainly in my line of work, but even at Sweet 16s, Weddings, and another formal occassion I’ve seen this happen all too often. The myth of black goes with everything died when they started making different color shoes. Fashion tip: you can wear black with ANYTHING that already has black in it. Bring out the black; accentuate the black. Don’t add it if it doesn’t belong there.